astrocommunist liberation project pieces together strumming space autonomy

From cadet-war eunuchs castrating living chemicals solar system, a waxy uneven record, the toner arm gone and omniscience to become superfund site, enslavement of heuristics halting derricks on mars-the invasive species, and milking of Saturn, denigration of Neptune’s mystic powders.

When the colonists burnt upon reentry, these far before constellations, were cut out of the dark-their torsos on sharp-pronged star legs, dripping in frazzled fireworks of lithium variants

And then cascading arc-ward like expressionless theremin notes,

When we pull their robots heads off. 

Lucas Alan Dietsche to Bezos and Brannon 10/21

“I don’t have to or won’t write poems that people like”

You will ignore this, but I won’t

Deliver to you poems that people like,

Those easy rhythms,

Trope pentameters and cliches

To appease pronouns and sexual organs

And simple lit trix

Brought on by contemporary billboards and bumper stickers

Lifespan for my poethood

Or poems left in ossuary,

Let to acknowledge my genius

Lucas Alan Dietsche to Millennials, Woke, Cancel Culture 10/21

“build real estate on Golgotha”

If we didn’t give any chaos European name,

Would we enjoy life?

They came and built engineering building scaffolding

Upon the graves of 38 Dakota were tied to ropes on Lincoln’s arm.

A baseball diamond over miners drowned in Ironwood cave in.

No herd of clapping christians kneeling infront of an old rotting cross

Would stop the zoning bulldozers. 

Lucas Alan Dietsche to Christians, Lutherans, Catholics, Pope Francis 10/21

“Air front”

last rebellious week,when lungs could barely stretch

through the level of  air quality fog, 

clogging rolling down hills

it was the offal of the forest fires

and smoke moth escaped my cigar

and duluth is rando puzzle piece

of what was left behind

and one cement crucifix

structure in middle of T

is golden rod and daisy

and at the lip of the river

 tourists slung chairs like gun cases

hunting for their rotten selves

to do rotten selfies


rotting placard monuments

Lucas Alan Dietsche to Duluth 9/21

she has my copy of the communist manifesto

she keeps my typewriter and my communist manifesto

keeps a hegemonic narrative

stays on high ground of twigs and matches

she says believable things

Lucas Alan Dietsche 9/21

Amanda Gorman

On inaugural day were hopes of what michelle obama could have been

If only she was not a college representative of the black bourgeoise

Only raised the bar on what a young sell out looks like

Speaking for Massa biden

Learning from Harvard

Connections to be hallmark cookie cutter cards

Lucas Alan Dietsche 9/21

Reading Heretics using Dietschean Methods

Reading heretics is to loose my katzenjammer scorns

Opening Rilke to transplant Nietzsche

Embalming Rimbaud’s youth

To realm Heidegger’s vicious automata self-will

In a Reich burbling to force Dietschean method or LAD classic theory

Couponed Hunter Style in Yeats suis generis mysticism

Pound-ing in dough but with incense anti-fascism

The accouterments of smoke the corn cobbing pipe

Sunglasses eclectic hats

Midwestern scorpio male snarl


I am no ever am me all the times, all the things

Lucas Alan Dietsche 9/21

“crags and quarry coffin park”

crossed legged

buddha’d and zenn’d

on quarry’s mouth

layers of chipped and tarnished teeth

and molars

cavities overnight

and graveled path the tongue

frilling razor birch and golden rods

reclaiming park

grass hoppers cajole over 

skeleton of glaciers fought

by Lucas Alan Dietsche